Maintenance Plan

Roof maintenance is an important part of protecting the investment you have made in your roof. Be pro-active with one of Lange Roofing’s maintenance plans starting at a low rate of $200.

Lange Roofing will perform a full visual inspection of the whole roof.

Owner will be notified of any damages identified to roof or flashing during this initial inspection.

Pictures of damaged areas will be taken to keep on file.

Damages will be repaired and payment will be due before effective date of maintenance plan.

*Restrictions apply due to age, condition, hail. Will notify if repairs can be done. $75 inspection fee is due whether or not roof qualifies for maintenance plan. Roof pitch 8×12 and greater will have maintenance plan at an additional

Maintenance Contract For:____________________________________________________________ (address)

A complete visual inspection will be done of whole roof. Pictures will be taken of any damage found during inspection.

Roof will have initial inspection. Any damages to roof or flashing will be repaired before effective date of maintenance plan. Owner will be notified of any repairs needed, and payment due upon completion of repairs before effective date of maintenance plan.

Initial inspection is $75 to be paid before or at time of inspection.

Inspection cost will be deducted from any initial repairs over $75, or off initial maintenance plan cost.

Payment due before effective date of maintenance plan. ___Initial

Maintenance Plan COVERS:

  • Shingles blowing off
  • Missing/wind damaged shingles
  • Any leaks caused by roof will be covered, but any interior damage from leaks is owner’s responsibility
  • Pipe Flashings
  • Gas Vents
  • Skylight Flashing/Chimney Flashing (Exterior of chimney will be inspected. Customer will be notified if repairs are needed) ___Initial

Maintenance Plan DOES NOT COVER:

  • Natural Causes such as tornado, hail, lightning, hurricanes, excessive winds exceeding shingle wind rating. (25 Year 60mph/Architectural 110mph*)
  • Fire, bullets, code violations or any damage caused by person or persons
  • Flat Roofs, Metal Roofs, Tin Roofs or Fiberglass paneling.
  • Satellite Brackets
  • Tree Damage
  • Animals (Squirrels, Raccoons, etc…)
  • Full Roof Replacement

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